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The West show 2014 marked the 101st anniversary of the event and although its only the second time I've ever been, it was the first time a attended as a photographer.
To be honest i wasn't impressed the first time, there wasn't many people there and hardly nothing going on, but yet i only spent a couple of hours there this time round and everything seemed to be going of at once, i most have gone at the wrong time the first time.
I was actually amazed by the amount of people there specially over a wide spread area and even more people that seemed to appear out of the tents for the lawn mower races.
The fair took me by surprise as i wasn't expecting there to be so much there, it actually took me back to the days where we had the fair at north beach car park. Although its not a huge theme park i have to say i do miss it as a bit of an adrenalin junky.

If you haven't yet seen the pics and wright up, check out this months issue of the GBG Magazine "Fame Edition" page 23 and you might be in there ;)

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