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A last minute dash to the Proms to watch a cracking firework display and finishing the evening of with good friends and an awesome local band, The Barlows.
They never seem to disappoint and seeing them perform for the first time outside was fantastic! Although we where there mainly to photograph The Barlows you will find a few other shots mixed in.
Unfortunately I didn't have my flash on me to photograph people frown emoticon but hope you like the band shots smile emoticon Congratulations to Kate for her first ever autograph! World wide fame! ;)
Talking to the band afterwards they told me they were extremely honoured to be asked to perform again at such a popular and well-attended annual event. 'There's always such a warm and happy atmosphere', said Kate 'Everyone has enjoyed a wonderful evening's entertainment from top local and international classical musicians with performances live in Guernsey and screened from the Albert Hall. And it's great to round the night off with a bit of rock that people can get up and dance to.'
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