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Today, the 18th of September 2014, marks the two year anniversary of PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bone, two brave police officers who loved their job and paid the ultimate price.

In May this year, I was honoured to be invited to Manchester for the launch of the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund. It was not intended that I cover the event as JR Photography nor that these images would be made public. However, I feel that it is now the right time to post this gallery. I know a lot of people will be feeling emotional today, but I hope this will help inspire you, put a smile on your face and show just a glimpse of what has been achieved in the last two years.

A group of 12 of us attended The Manchester Suite at Old Trafford. Although this was an evening to celebrate the launch of the charity and yes, there was drink, dancing and lots of fun, there were also over 600 police officers who quietly listened to Nicola's father, Bryn Hughes recount his amazing story of the North Pole Marathon in -35º. Bryn then showed us a video of Nicola's life; an extremely emotional and moving film that must have put a lump in the back of everyone's throats. The number of tear-streaked faces made it a night to remember and never forget.

Despite being an emotionally charged evening, it was also full of laughter and I met some fantastic people. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicola's father, Bryn and her brother, Sam - two amazing people who have so much love for their family and friends.

Last year's 'Run to Remember' was a huge success and provided funding for educational or pre-employment opportunities for children who have lost close family members through violent crime. 'Time to Remember' will launch at the end of this month with activities to include running, walking, cycling and swimming so you can choose which activity, how many minutes you do each day and how many days you cover. Anyone wanting more information or to take part please click HERE.

I just want to send all my love to the Hughes family and their friends and say a huge thank you for the invitation and massive well done to Jayne Lloyd and Neil Chamberlain for putting together a cracking event, and of course to everyone else whose hard work made the night such a great success.

A quick reminder that these photos are just part of my story, check out this link to see a video of some others on YouTube.

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