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One huge weekend of chaos in Guernsey can only describe this Event..... Well, tell the truth this Festival was one of the craziest, hardcore, chaotic yet unbelievably the most relaxing gig i have ever covered.
Not only did i go in to this thinking it was just going to be blokes, bikes and booze i didn't think there could be so much going on for a small event in guernsey and certainly didn't think this would be my sort of thing.
God was i wrong. this place had everything from live rock bands to a children's bouncy castle not to forget the booze and bikes and what a venue to have it at! you cant really ask for much more than the cliffs at Pleinmont can you really?
I can honestly say i went to this gig, by my self, i drank lots of coffee and still had an awesome time. I have to say, its all about the people around you when it comes to having a good time, and trust me they where amazing!!!
I really hope my images reflect more on what this event actually is rather than what some people make it out to be.....
Something Guernsey should be proud to have!
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