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Hair: Wynne & Wynne

Church: St. Josephs

Venue: Simply Tipi (Fairfields)

EmilyAlex 180825005EmilyAlex 180825005www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825007EmilyAlex 180825007www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825008EmilyAlex 180825008www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825009EmilyAlex 180825009www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825020EmilyAlex 180825020www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825026EmilyAlex 180825026www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825028EmilyAlex 180825028www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825030EmilyAlex 180825030www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825037EmilyAlex 180825037www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825044EmilyAlex 180825044www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825049EmilyAlex 180825049www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825051EmilyAlex 180825051www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825077EmilyAlex 180825077www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825089EmilyAlex 180825089www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825103EmilyAlex 180825103www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825106EmilyAlex 180825106www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825109EmilyAlex 180825109www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825123EmilyAlex 180825123www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825124EmilyAlex 180825124www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825127EmilyAlex 180825127www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825129EmilyAlex 180825129www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825134EmilyAlex 180825134www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825142EmilyAlex 180825142www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825148EmilyAlex 180825148www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825153EmilyAlex 180825153www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825164EmilyAlex 180825164www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825174EmilyAlex 180825174www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825187EmilyAlex 180825187www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825207-2EmilyAlex 180825207-2www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825239EmilyAlex 180825239www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825243EmilyAlex 180825243www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825247EmilyAlex 180825247www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825249EmilyAlex 180825249www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825267EmilyAlex 180825267www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825318EmilyAlex 180825318www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825339EmilyAlex 180825339www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825349EmilyAlex 180825349www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825358EmilyAlex 180825358www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825362EmilyAlex 180825362www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825389EmilyAlex 180825389www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825397EmilyAlex 180825397www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825402EmilyAlex 180825402www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825407EmilyAlex 180825407www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825409EmilyAlex 180825409www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825423EmilyAlex 180825423www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825434EmilyAlex 180825434www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825438EmilyAlex 180825438www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825446EmilyAlex 180825446www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825454EmilyAlex 180825454www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825364EmilyAlex 180825364www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825366EmilyAlex 180825366www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825370EmilyAlex 180825370www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825373EmilyAlex 180825373www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825377EmilyAlex 180825377www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825379EmilyAlex 180825379www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825381EmilyAlex 180825381www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825384EmilyAlex 180825384www.johnrossphotography.co.uk EmilyAlex 180825387-2EmilyAlex 180825387-2www.johnrossphotography.co.uk

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The Dutch Photographer https://www.johnrossphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/8/the-dutch-photographer It was great to have a visitor to the island a couple of months ago, this time all the way from Holland, nooo.... she isn't from Amsterdam and no she doesn't smoke weed, I asked.

Karin was visiting Guernsey for the first time and got in touch to ask if I could show her around the island to take some landscape and nightscape images. Karin's photography expertise lies in family portraiture and wedding photography so we had plenty to talk about.

Although landscape photography is more of a hobby for me, I hadn't been out to take any images for myself in well over a year. The images I have been out to take have been commissioned for commercial use and local businesses so it was nice to get out and create something new without the pressure.

Either way I was keen to get out with a likeminded photographer and create some epic images, I only had 2 evenings free, so the first evening we headed out to L'Ancresse Bay and found a new location I'd never shot at the shooting range. For sunset we then headed towards Port Soif to capture some long exposures.

The second evening we headed to the cliffs at Pleinmont. After walking around for an hour and taking a few snaps we ended up on the slipway in front of the fairy ring, not sure what that's called but if you know feel free to drop me a comment.

Soon after sunset that evening we headed back up to L'Ancresse to see if the stars would come out. Sure enough they did, and what an amazing sky it was! Although it was a little hazy and I'd seen clearer nights in the past, Karin was amazed to see so many stars and mentioned she had never seen anything like it in Holland.

We ended the night resonably early at around 12am, i knew id missed the chance at taking my usual selfie in good light, so we decided on a slightly different style.

Karin specialises in family portraiture and wedding photography and you can check her work out over on Facebook, Instagram or her Website.

We are looking forward to heading back out again in October when she will be visiting for the second time, but for now, here are a few images we managed to take.

  • Images below by JR Photography.

Fort Le MarchantJR Photography Fort PezeriesJR Photography Fort PezeriesJR Photography Fort Le MarchantJR Photography Lihou IslandJR Photography Fort Le MarchantJR Photography Les Hanois LighthouseJR Photography L'Ancresse Loophole Tower n.5JR Photography L'Ancresse Loophole Tower n.5 SelfieJR Photography


  • Images below by Karin Rozeboom.

KRF_Guernsey_190519_2Les Hanois LighthouseKarin Rozeboom KRF_Guernsey_210519L'Ancresse Loophole Tower n.5Karin Rozeboom KRF_Guernsey_Lancresse_3Fort Le MarchantKarin Rozeboom Port SoifKarin Rozeboom KRF_Guernsey_190519-A3Port SoifKarin Rozeboom

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Fermain Valley Hotel wedding https://www.johnrossphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/5/fermain-valley-hotel-wedding I received a phone call a couple of weeks before Amanda and Ian were due to get married and, after some confusion, I came to realise this wasn't a Guernsey wedding but more of a honeymoon / engagement / wedding session mash up!

Not having met the couple and having only spoken to them over the phone a couple of times, plus arranging dates and times by message, didn't give me much to work with. So, I didn't actually meet them until the day of the shoot, had no idea what they like doing together, what their style is or what sort of people they are as a couple. They didn't book a photographer for the 'big day', so I really didn't know what they where expecting.

Anyway, despite my concerns, it turned out that none of this mattered! We all had a great, instant connection and these photos were going to take place no matter what - unusually and refreshingly, I had a blank canvas to work with!

Amanda and Ian were arriving in Guernsey the day after their wedding, bringing the dress and suit and staying for the Easter weekend Bank Holiday and it turned out they couldn't have picked a better weekend; it was a beauty.

Thanks to The Fermain Valley Hotel for their amazing input in helping the couple get ready with make-up, hair, flowers and dress. They also recommended their new Yoga House for a few photos which turned out to be a stunning location.

And we couldn't pass up the opportunity of utilising a fully-blooming Bluebell Woods with it being so close and the perfect location for this time of year.  Heading out of Bluebell Woods I realised we weren't going to make it on time for the sunset at Pleinmont, so a last minute decision to go to the cliffs at Petit Port turned out to be a great move, as you can see!


Amanda & Ian 190421001Fermain Valley Hotel yoga Garden

Amanda & Ian 190421004Fermain Valley Hotel yoga Garden 2

Amanda & Ian 190421007Fermain Valley Hotel yoga Garden 3

Amanda & Ian 190421010Fermain Valley Hotel yoga Garden 4

Amanda & Ian 190421011Fermain Valley Hotel yoga Garden 5 Amanda & Ian 190421012Wedding Ring

Amanda & Ian 190421013Bluebell Woods

Amanda & Ian 190421016Bluebell woods 2 Amanda & Ian 190421019Bluebell woods 3 Amanda & Ian 190421021Petit Port

Amanda & Ian 190421024Petit Port 2

Amanda & Ian 190421025Petit Port 3 Amanda & Ian 190421031Petit Port 4 Amanda & Ian 190421032Petit Port 5 Amanda & Ian 190421034Petit Port 6 Amanda & Ian 190421036Petit Port 7 Amanda & Ian 190421038Fermain Valley Hotel yoga Garden Night

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Soap Box Racing https://www.johnrossphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/10/soap-box-racing Soap Box RacingSoap Box Racing

The first of its kind on the island and what a turnout!

From trikes to racing cars and not forgetting the Best Of Guernsey Bus, there was no escaping this jump! Hi jumps, long jumps and barely lifted the ground jumps, o and a few crashes.

Check out the full gallery above.


(JR Photography) soap box racing https://www.johnrossphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/10/soap-box-racing Thu, 20 Oct 2016 09:00:00 GMT
365 Project https://www.johnrossphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/1/365-project 2015 Project 365

Well.... 2015 has been another fantastic year of photography! Although my 365 Project was meant to be personal, it includes a great mix of images for me to look back on; all thanks to my good friend and awesome photographer David Gilliver who nominated me.
The 365 project is on many photographer's bucket list but most never get round to completing it. I knew from the outset this would be a tough challenge; the closest I have been previously was the '52 week landscape project' back in 2011 when I struggled to take just one landscape image a week.

I'm proud to say I've never seen such a variety in quality and genre than this album which contains images from eight different cameras and 10 lenses.

The best camera you have is the one you have with you and for most people it's the one in your pocket 99% of the time, your phone camera. So it's not surprising that 65 of the project photos were taken with my iPhone, as well as five from my Go Pro, 20 from APS-C Cameras and 275 from my full frame cameras.

Like any year, there has been ups and downs and some sad days, but thankfully many more happy ones! And the best thing about it is that I can just look at this album and remember every moment like it was yesterday.

Thank you so much to my friends and family for their support throughout the year. And a special thank you to the Buffalo Huddleston band for letting me use their music for the slideshow. They have always supported my work and have always been happy to have their photo taken as you will see below.


Click the image below to see the full gallery.

365 Project365 Album

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